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Cleaning granite surfaces & Quartz marble cleaning – how to protect and maintain stone kitchen worktops

The crowning point of any kitchen is the worktop itself. It is probably the most prominent feature in any kitchen, therefore it must be functional and aesthetic.granite worktops cleaner bottle

This is why many people choose granite worktops. It is a perfect kitchen worktop solution, because of the resistance, the natural beauty and a host of other attributes.

However, not many people know that granite worktops and quartz marble worktops require some maintenance to retain that beauty and integrity.

So, how do you properly protect your granite worktop or quartz marble worktop from the dirt and damage it is exposed to every day?

First lets analyse, why quartz worktops & granite worktops are the best kitchen worktop solution?

Stone tops, especially those made of granite, have many advantages: they look stylish and elegant, but above all they are durable and resistant to many factors. Granite in the kitchen can be valued for the fact that it does not contain any artificial substances, it lasts for generations and in its organic structure grants the interior a noble finish.

Unlike laminate worktops, granite and quartz are first and foremost very sturdy. Virtually no knife or impact blow will cause it any damage. It’s a scratch resistant, impact resistant piece of flattened and polished rock that will last a lifetime.Granite cleaning and polishing

It also has to be mentioned that natural stone surfaces like granite worktops are highly resistant to heat. During cooking, you can freely place the boiling hot pans on top of the surface, or scorch your crème brulee with a blowtorch, and the stone surfaces will not sustain any damage, blemishing or discolouration. In a hectic kitchen environment, where the entire family loves to cook, stone worktops are a must buy. Save yourself the deep cleaning, the effort of scrubbing and most of all the money that you;d otherwise spend every half a decade on new worktops.

It can be safely said that granite worktops and other natural stone surfaces not only prevent damage to your worktop, but make the process of maintenance very easy.

Granite worktops cleaning – How to properly maintain your granite worktops:

Cleaning granite is very simple. Wipe them daily with a soft cloth, moistened in warm water with a little detergent, like mild dishwashing liquid. This detergent will effectively remove the dirt, but will not adversely affect the lime scale structure.

After thoroughly washing out the grime, wipe the surface of the worktop dry and polish it using a glass cleaner (choose an agent containing alcohol) and a microfibre cloth. Better yet, we’d recommend a number of specialised granite cleaning or marble cleaning products e.g: Unika granite cleaner, and more. Cleaning marble, cleaning granite or quartz worktops cleaning should be an easy, effortless task – these products make your life easy.

wetting the sponge to clean granite worktops

These specialised products are completely safe and free of substances that could tarnish or damage the top layer of the stone. Not to mention they do not contain harmful substances to our health, like other harsh chemicals that include bleach etc. They also prevent streaks or soap residue from developing on the clean granite counters.

Remember also try and remove stains from fresh fruit, food or beverages as soon as they arise on the granite counters. It’s not necessary, but if you wipe up spills immediately, it will make the clean much easier, compared to when the stain dries over night and turns into a stale, scrubbing issue to contend with. Above all, an instant clean will guarantee safety, a continuous nice shine and a sparkling clean kitchen.

What if the stains are really tough to clean?

If you do have some tough grime to deal with e.g. curry splashes that your forgot to wipe away, then be sure to follow this advice:

Firstly, do not reach out for harsh cleaning agents nor products. There’s nothing a soft sponge, or scrub daddy plus warm water will not eliminate. If the quartz worktops stain is really tough to clean, then we suggest grabbing a dry microfiber cloth or paper towel – wet them until soaking and add some mild dish soap then rub it in. Once you’ve got that out the way, place the wet material on the stain and leave it there for 15 minutes. Then come back and the stain should be much easier to remove. You could try applying a baking soda to the damp material if the grime is a real headache.cleaning quartz worktops

Remember also that the property of granite countertops or quartz marble worktops is still stone. While they withstand cuts and scratches caused by sharp tools, many go for tough metal scourers under the assumption that this will clean them fine. And while this is the case, if used over and over again, some scratching could arise, because you’re subjecting the granite countertop to a continuous abrasion, not a one-off solid cut. It’s better to be safe than sorry and use a non abrasive cleaner. If you must get the granite clean using these rough tools, then at least try to gently scrub the granite or quartz worktop.

Which granite countertops cleaning products to avoid?

As resistant and durable as granite worktops are, granite tops can be damaged by acids (e.g. formic, citric, acetic, hydrochloric), or bleach agents. So avoid them like fire. It’s never certain that a particular ingredient will be harmful to your worktop, although we don’t want to risk tarnishing the surface. Sometimes even very innocuous liquids like coffee, lemon juice, wine or citrus extracts can prove to be the bane of natural stone.

Always check the labels of the products you are buying. As soon as you see that some products are acidic cleaners or have a bleach ingredient, discard them right away. It’s not often that you can damage it granite or quartz surfaces with little to no effort, but the aforementioned products can cause permanent and irreversible harm.

Should a granite worktop be impregnated?

100% Yes. Absolutely. While man-made quartz countertops don’t need regular sealing (because they’re man-made & imbued with the right properties), granite is strictly natural i.e. quarried, polished and transported to a workshop to be worked into kitchen worktops etc. As such, just like stone in the wild, it is a porous material, and if left untreated, your granite kitchen countertops can decolour in the stained area.sponge used for cleaning marble

Once you buy your granite worktops from a manufacturer and they fit the stone, they will impregnate the worktops for you. This is a vital step of the procedure, as the worktops should not be used until impregnated. After that, you may either contact the manufacturers to impregnate the granite again every 6 months, or you could do it yourself for cheaper.

How to seal granite worktops?

You should impregnate the granite surface at least once a year. It is not complicated. One of the products that we highly recommend is Hydrex – an oily product that adapts a waxy consistency once it comes in contact with granite. Not a lot should be used, otherwise it could render the granite greasy and waxy.

Begin by giving the granite kitchen worktops a thorough cleaning and drying. Once again, use a damp microfiber cloth to get rid of any stains. Then, using a dry brush or a cloth, apply some Hydrex to the material and spread the product on its surface, then leave it to dry, and finally polish the worktop with a dry cloth after about half an hour. Remember that the thin layer of the liquid should be minimal – granite does very well at imbibing the product and it doesn’t need a lot to become fully sealed.

If you do wish to try the impregnation process yourself, maybe to cut some costs, feel free to call the company that originally supplied you the natural stone. They should advise you what to use, how to use it and suggest the right quantities and application times.

Hydrex and many other granite sealants are prime products that allow you to take full advantage of the great qualities of this beautiful, natural stone. If you want to keep your granite and other stone worktops last for decades, applying the proper care is pivotal.

Why you should opt for granite and quartz worktops?

Everything in this article should have explained well why granite and quartz countertops stand out. Stone worktops aren’t only durable, everlasting products, but their maintenance is very easy and effortless.

Granite surfaces can truly last you a lifetime, but there are conditions, like the cleanliness and sealing matters that need to be upkept.

If you adhere to everything, you will not only have a scratch, heat and damage resistant worktop, but also a product that will outlast you or even your children.

We hope that information contained in this article was useful and we entice everyone to comment down below, conveying their kitchen worktops cleaning solutions.


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